Maranius – English

I am Maranius.

Carrier of Universal Energy and Light (M,I,U)
Healer of the Environment (A)
Channel for the Higher Self (R)
Living the Courage (N)
Master of Manifestation (S)

MARANIUS – Annunciator, Herald, Proclaimer, Preacher


Maranius is a source-name.

(For me it is not coherent to call it soul-name … the „structure“ of both the individual and collective soul is far too … matrix, multi-dimensional … for that.)

It is a source-vibrancy from ancient times. Each single letter of the name is a source-vibrancy. Each letter, each source-vibrancy stands for an inner possibility, talent and task in our (soul-)life.

The purpose of our actual (soul-)life is to solve our inner tasks with the support of our inner talents and possibilities … and to have joy. When the body dies, the soul continues. Unsolved tasks will reincarnate again in one or more bodies (don’t worry, this is OK … nothing bad, nothing to fear about … just part of the process).


Our soul – in connection with heart and body – will send us signs, if we are not using our inner possibilities and talents, if we are not working on our inner tasks. The soul knows exactly what to send us to get attention … these are signals, chances and possibilities in our outer-life to get new perspectives and in-sights … and later, if we are not conscious enough to notice that, malaise and/or physical/mental illness.


Good News English

Knowing your source-name helps you on your way to get rid of all the unnecessary tasks in your outer-life and start your concious way to your true life …


I will not give you a source-name, this is (in the moment) not one of my inner tasks … others can do this for you, just let yourself be found from someonerather – I know my inner tasks, talents and possibilities … my soul carries it for ages:  I can guide you on your concious way to your Inner and Higher Self I can support you exploring YOUR inner possiblities, tasks and talentsI create and maintain your feel-good space during retreats, webinars, (healing-)meditations and coachingsI show you the board to surf the universal energy and lightWe can manifestate together our true lifes, living it in courage and confidence … we can manifest together: WELTSPIRIT/WORLDSPIRIT 🙂


„There is nothing to reach outside of yourself“


Love – Maranius

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Maranius English

Wolfgang Maranius Lugmayr

Cert. Teacher for Meditation/Mindfulness and Author